Back in California

I was off on my travels again recently, back to California with Angela to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Three locations in ten days, including three nights in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains at the height of the “Fall Color” season, or Autumn as it’s more commonly known. I’ve always wondered if it was called fall so that Carole King’s “You’ve got a friend” rhymed. “Winter, spring, summer and autumn, all you gotta do is call” doesn’t quite work.

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Autumn Approaches

Most photographers dislike the Summer, and to be honest I’m pretty much in that category, for photography at least, though when I played golf it was the season I looked forward to the most. Not anymore however, Autumn has firmly taken over.  With the sun rising at a more hospitable hour, and setting earlier too, it is definitely more accommodating. Changeable weather is always good for photography, and of course the glorious Autumn colours.

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