California Dreamin’

I recently had the good fortune to spend two weeks in the “Golden State” with my wife and one of my sons.  This was our main family holiday of the year so my camera time was limited to early morning or evening to coincide with the “golden hours”.  At least that’s what I told them before we went….

In sticking with the “gold” and “fortune” themes I now require to discover a gold mine somewhere near my house to assist in clearing the credit card balance.  Cheers Brexit!

Our trip took us to four locations – Monterey, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and Tiburon, a wonderful small town directly across the bay from San Francisco. Tiburon is sadly probably most famous for being the town where the late and great Robin Williams took his own life. We drove past his former home one afternoon  (no sign of Mindy).

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