Wyoming in the Fall

Every October my wife and I are lucky enough to be able to sneak away for a break on our own. This years trip was looking unlikely when I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in early September, especially as our plan was to spend some time in Las Vegas. There was real concern on my part that the sneer on my face caused by my illness would have led me to drunkenly enter into an Elvis lookalike contest, with the extremely distressing thought that I might end up singing in public. The thought of me belting out the final words to American Trilogy whilst on one knee, wearing a rhinestone jump suit, then being unable to get back to my feet because of being fifty, was a chance I just wasn’t going to take. So everything went on hold.

Fortunately the illness began to wear off around late September and our holiday was back on. Flights to Las Vegas, hotels and car hire were booked and on October 7 we were off; 2 nights in Sin City, 4 nights in Jackson, Wyoming, home to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone, and the last 4 nights back in Vegas.

Fast forward and on October 9th we were due to drive from Las Vegas to Jackson, 660 miles away. By my calculation the drive was going to take around 10 hours. Add on a couple of toilet breaks and In N Out burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 12 hours.  Unfortunately our BRAND NEW     (3 miles on clock when collecting) GMC Yukon rental SUV broke down in the middle of the Utah desert, 200 miles north of Vegas, 200 miles south of Salt Lake City. After spending a while on the phone trying to explain the problem of not wanting to drive 450 miles at 30 mph, as the car would jump out of gear at any speed above that, to the roadside assistance representative, we were finally told we would need to be towed to Salt Lake City Airport. The truck arrived 2 hours later and we spent the next 2 hours making small talk with an old chap with flowing grey locks and a dirty boiler suit, who judging by the erratic manner of his driving, was previously a stunt car driver in Dukes of Hazzard.

Anyway, enough rambling. We spent a wonderful 4 days in Jackson, a truly beautiful part of the USA. This was our first time here, but it won’t be our last. Stunning scenery everywhere you look, great dining options, hotels from the inexpensive to the very expensive. Add on the wildlife on view in Grand Teton/Yellowstone.  Truly a magical place.

I’ve shared a few images below but the pictures don’t it justice. If you ever get the opportunity to go, do it, you will not regret it. Thanks to British Airways who delayed our return flight by 23 hours, resulting in EU compensation of €1,200, we might be back sooner than we thought.

(Please check back frequently as I will be updating the images periodically as I process more).

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